Up Coming Projects

Stage 2000  Inc is a full service management and placement agency.  We are not a school.  We believe that training is important, and do provide that.  However, we make money when we book our clients (career oriented, serious models, actors, singers and dancers) and when we get them contracts in major markets.  Our belief is that are a lot of organizations, schools and model/talent searches in the marketplace who do not fulfill their promises, and will not provide the services the claim they can provide.  The reason for our existence is to provide an alternative to that scene.

This management company is directed by Ron Randell.  Ron started the company when he became dismayed with the dishonest companies existing in and coming to Louisiana that were getting very little work for the talent. It had become apparent that Louisiana needed a reputable organization.  The purpose of this company is to market new faces not only here, but to other agencies and managers around the world.

A reputable company cannot make money without good talent.  Our goal is to provide the best quality models & talent and the best service to our clients.  This company selects clients based, obviously, on “the look” and ability of the talent.  In addition to this, we also look for drive and ambition; people who are serious about the industry, professional and have the ability to follow through.  We strive to advise each individual in the development process, all in the hopes of developing the local and/or national/global potential we see in them as a marketable “product”.

Wherever it is that you wish to go with your dream, we can help you find the way if you are willing to put forth the effort and the investment in yourself.  We have a passion for this industry, and want to work with talent who share this passion.  Our job is to provide focus and direction to your energy.

NOTE: We do not accept walk-ins.  Potential clients are seen by appointment only!

R Randell Casting

Mr. Randell brings over 40 years in the industry into this service.  Beginning with local projects, we have expanded our services to include both union and non-union projects. Our services have included talent as well as makeup artists and stylist.  Whatever is needed, it is our goal to make your project stand out!